Sell your home fast plan!


We will start by appraising your home through an in-depth walkthrough. We will identify its strengths and challenges and develop a strategic plan to sell it quickly and for the most money. This will provide you with a clear understanding of your home’s value, the local market, and the estimated net proceeds at closing. You will also have an idea of how long it will take for your property to sell.


Staged homes sell 5% more, so we recommend professional or DIY staging. Presentation is crucial and furniture arrangement, personal item removal, paint color and atmosphere all impact the sale. We should make the home appealing to attract the largest pool of buyers. Curb appeal is important too, as it’s the first impression. Keep exterior well-maintained with fresh mulch, bright flowers, a well-trimmed lawn and popular paint choices to increase likelihood of buyers offering top dollar.


Our photographers in Maine take amazing pictures of houses using special cameras and tools. We can even make digital pictures to show what a house might look like. Plus, we have cool online tours so buyers can look at houses on the internet and save time.


“To sell your house successfully, hire us – professional sales agents specializing in marketing and negotiating. Our services include finding potential buyers, staying updated on market prices, promoting your house through real estate networks, open houses, and social media. We guarantee exceptional results.”

Buying a home

For an easier home buying or selling experience, prepare ahead. We can help. Starting early boosts your chances of a good deal, especially in tough markets. Call us for real estate buying or selling assistance and insights.

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