With Today's very low inventory of available homes to purchase it is extremely important to be pre-approved with a lender. You also need to know what contingencies are most important to you. Maybe you have a friend or relative that can look at the properties with you to save some time and allow a level of comfort on the condition of the property.
So with that said...
First contact a few lenders and find one you like to work with. If you are a veteran or first time buyer there are many options. You will need that letter saying you are approved for a certain amount of mortgage debt. If you have a lot down, you can buy more house. If not we look at homes in that range for the one that best fits your needs. Get your inspection friend on board and ready to come and look with you if possible. Time is of the essence. This is why working with a knowledgable Jettco Realty Agent will increase the odds of your offer being accepted over competing offers. It is a major competition to win the deal and the better prepared you are, the better your chances.

Lets get started! Take a look using the search portal below.

Remember, Lender pre-qualification first before scheduling appointments to look at homes. Thank You!
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